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Identification of Plot Elements in "A Long Walk Home" & "Bill"

  After studying the article titled Plot , please identify the elements of plot in each of  A Long Walk Home  and  Bill. Write briefly but effectively in the comment sections below. For instance, you can write this way: A Long Walk Home 1. Exposition: in the first paragraph, which (1) establishes the place setting (Mijas, located in the south of Spain) and the social setting (Estepona); (2) introduces the characters (Jackson who is 16 years old and has just learn to drive, and his father); (3) provides essential background information, i.e., Jackson is asked to take the car in to be serviced at a nearby garage and should pick his father at 4 p.m.' and presents the conflict, i.e. Jackson is very late to pick up his father because he is so immersed in watching a couple of movies. 2, Rising Events: ........... 3. Climax: ........ 4. Falling Action: ....... 5. Denouement: ...... Bill 1. Exposition: ...... 2, Rising Events: ........... 3. Climax: ........ 4. Falling Action: ....... 5.