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Summarizing in Academic Writing

  As described in  Citing and Referencing in Academic Writing , summarizing  is one of the three methods for including  someone else's ideas to back up your ideas, arguments, and claims in academic writing. Like paraphrasing, summarizing is a way of including someone else’s ideas in your own work by rewriting them in your own words without changing the meanings. Yet, different from paraphrasing in which the original oral and written ideas are reframed without changing the meanings, summarizing shortens a longer passage into a smaller one but keeps its core point or meaning intact. It is a way to extract the most important points from a text and rewrite them in your own word. As It leaves out superfluous details and covers only the key essence of the ideas conveyed, it is very effective for over viewing a source. Like a quotation or paraphrase, a summary should be coherent with the rest of your paper, particularly in style and grammar. It should also be cited in the text where you

Negative Impacts of Smartphones Use in Learning

  Credit: To prepare students to navigate the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which relies on digital technology as the basis for production, marketing, and distribution processes, technology-based learning has been practiced in various developed countries. The use of technology, especially smartphones, to facilitate learning was accelerated by the coronavirus outbreak, during which around 50% of students around the world used a smartphone to attend classes. Technology-based learning, which is even predicted to become a new normal in the post-coronavirus era, is a double-edged sword. It not only offers various benefits but also results in various negative effects if not used wisely. This essay focuses on three potential negative impacts of smartphones use in learning: digital amnesia, information overload, and multitasking. Digital amnesia is a person’s acute psychological tendency to forget information stored di

Identification of Plot Elements in "A Long Walk Home" & "Bill"

  After studying the article titled Plot , please identify the elements of plot in each of  A Long Walk Home  and  Bill. Write briefly but effectively in the comment sections below. For instance, you can write this way: A Long Walk Home 1. Exposition: in the first paragraph, which (1) establishes the place setting (Mijas, located in the south of Spain) and the social setting (Estepona); (2) introduces the characters (Jackson who is 16 years old and has just learn to drive, and his father); (3) provides essential background information, i.e., Jackson is asked to take the car in to be serviced at a nearby garage and should pick his father at 4 p.m.' and presents the conflict, i.e. Jackson is very late to pick up his father because he is so immersed in watching a couple of movies. 2, Rising Events: ........... 3. Climax: ........ 4. Falling Action: ....... 5. Denouement: ...... Bill 1. Exposition: ...... 2, Rising Events: ........... 3. Climax: ........ 4. Falling Action: ....... 5.