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The Power of Metaphorical Expressions

  What is a metaphor? Metaphors are extremely powerful rhetorical tools we can use to understand an unfamiliar thing, concept, or idea by carrying over the qualities of something else that is familiar to us. In this context, we bring two unrelated ideas/elements into a comparison. In other words, metaphors pull comparisons between two unrelated ideas.   We can also use metaphors to powerfully communicate complex ideas, controversial information, or unfamiliar concepts to other people. They help the listener understand a new or unfamiliar subject by replacing it with something else that they have previously experienced to understand it. By so doing, the speaker describes or depicts the unfamiliar subject by providing it with the qualities of some other subject.  In short, metaphors equate one idea to another, i.e., A is B. Look at the following examples. (1) A teacher is a compas . Through this metaphor, the sp eaker explains his ideas about a teacher by providing it with the function