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My Father

Credit: The most influential person in my life is my father. He  is of medium height—165 centimeters. He is now in his early eighties but looks extremely young for his age. He is slim and has got short white hair. His face is round and friendly-looking. He has small black eyes and an expression full of kindness. He loves to wear casual clothes like pants and short sleeve shirts, which make him always look neat. He physically  looks not very different from other people of his age. My father, however, is the most special man I ever met due to  his  resilience, sensitivity, and compassion. The most outstanding quality of my father is his resilience. Up to his seventies, he is a person who got used to working through hard times, learning from them, and growing stronger and more capable to overcome challenges and problems in the following times. For instance, although he has been left by my mother who die

Kuta Beach

  To relax or to get fascinating experiences of pleasures during a holiday, many people like to visit beaches. Kuta beach is probably one of the most popular beaches to visit in the world. When tourists from all over the world visit Bali, the ‘paradise Island, they will never miss Kuta beach. It is very popular because it offers extraordinary beauty, easy access, and various accommodations. Kuta beach is naturally alluring. It offers an incredible charm of sunset during the afternoon which can be seen from the beach shoreline. For many tourists, watching the sunset on Kuta beach is so unforgettable that it is  often referred to as sunset beach, a perfect place to watch the sunset. It is also  famous for its white sands, whose appealing  impression is amplified by the numerous  seashells and big coral stones. What is more, the beach is rich with sunshine, and the sea waves sound so rhythmically that people who are having relaxed around the beach feel peaceful. Many tourists love to sunb