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My Father


The most influential person in my life is my father. He is of medium height—165 centimeters. He is now in his early eighties but looks extremely young for his age. He is slim and has got short white hair. His face is round and friendly-looking. He has small black eyes and an expression full of kindness. He loves to wear casual clothes like pants and short sleeve shirts, which make him always look neat. He physically looks not very different from other people of his age. My father, however, is the most special man I ever met due to his resilience, sensitivity, and compassion.

The most outstanding quality of my father is his resilience. Up to his seventies, he is a person who got used to working through hard times, learning from them, and growing stronger and more capable to overcome challenges and problems in the following times. For instance, although he has been left by my mother who dies when my father was 46 years old, he never gave up raising and educating my six brothers and sisters and me. As a teacher and a single parent for seven children, he sometimes found it hard to share time and attention with his students and each of his children. However, he kept on trying to do his best by learning from his own and his friends’ experiences. Despite his limitations, he managed to raise his seven children to adulthood. 

I also admire his sensitivity to other people. He is always ready to help everyone in need. Yet, he never seeks a reward for his kindness. Despite his limited income, my father is so generous that he wants to share what he possesses with others. I remember, for instance, how he helped pay for the school fees of some of his students who were having financial difficulties. I also witnessed when he helped pay one of our relatives’ hospital expenses. My father is a person who never hesitates to share beyond his limitations. 

My father is also very compassionate. He is the first person to whom I can freely speak about all of my problems because he is trustworthy and keeps all my secrets. I am never afraid to look weak or wrong to him because he always told me that weaknesses and mistakes are a natural part of the human condition. What he never tolerates is a lie. He has always said that if you don’t tell the truth, you will only hurt your self-respect. 

In short, my father is one of the most important people in my life. He has undoubtedly contributed greatly to my propensity to be resilient and to show compassion and sensitivity for others.


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