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Kuta Beach


To relax or to get fascinating experiences of pleasures during a holiday, many people like to visit beaches. Kuta beach is probably one of the most popular beaches to visit in the world. When tourists from all over the world visit Bali, the ‘paradise Island, they will never miss Kuta beach. It is very popular because it offers extraordinary beauty, easy access, and various accommodations.

Kuta beach is naturally alluring. It offers an incredible charm of sunset during the afternoon which can be seen from the beach shoreline. For many tourists, watching the sunset on Kuta beach is so unforgettable that it is often referred to as sunset beach, a perfect place to watch the sunset. It is also famous for its white sands, whose appealing impression is amplified by the numerous seashells and big coral stones. What is more, the beach is rich with sunshine, and the sea waves sound so rhythmically that people who are having relaxed around the beach feel peaceful. Many tourists love to sunbathe in deck chairs while reading books under the sunshine, while some others like playing volley or beach soccer, canoeing, playing kite, surfing, or just swimming. The waves along Kuta beach roll so astoundingly that it becomes a very famous surfing spot in the world. No wonder why many people love to play surfing on this beach.

Kuta beach is located in Badung regency, Bali, about 9 kilometers away from Denpasar. This makes it is very accessible from Ngurah Rai airport and the transportations are always available everywhere. Since it is situated in the center of Bali’s tourism, it is very close to the other places of interest in Bali frequently visited by tourists every day. This makes Kuta Beach very easy to access from any direction. 

In addition, Kuta beach also offers accommodation ranging from cheap guesthouses to 5-star hotels and resorts located close to the beach within walking distance. Visitors can choose hotels, villas, bungalows appropriate for them to stay in. Kuta beach also provides cafes, pubs, and shopping centers. Public toilets are available in Kuta Beach, and the restrooms in Kuta BeachWalk shopping Center are available for public use. Along the beach, plenty of surfboards, bodyboards, beach loungers, and parasols rentals are available. They even offer coaching services for visitors who need them.

Kuta beach is doubtlessly one of the most famous tourist spots in Bali. Many people from all over the world love to visit it due to its extraordinary beauty, easy access, and various accommodations. Anyone who wants to have an unforgettable travel experience should surely come to Kuta beach.


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